How to use XN-Twist

First things first, thanks for checking this project out! This is an exciting project that is having a huge impact and it is only possible because of people like you, so thank you. The steps below will show you how to use this app.

To start classifying, simply go to and click the button that says “Start Classifying!”. This will bring up a page which shows you a character with a text input field beside it and a button with a trash-can on it next to that. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help us identify which characters a malicious attacker might use to stage an attack on an organization and/or their customers. So, the goal is to scan through the list of characters that are given to you and identify which of them look like a letter from the English alphabet (or some of them may look like a number). If you find a character (like “ι”) which looks like a letter from the English alphabet, simply type the letter that it looks like in the text field beside it. If a character doesn’t look like anything, you can either leave it blank or suggest that it be removed from our list of possible characters by click the trashcan beside the text field. Once you are done with a page, click the “Submit” button to record your classifications. At this point, you can classify some more data or call it good. Either way, we’re thankful for your contribution! You’re helping everyone from large organizations to individuals protect themselves.

P.S. - When you click the “Submit” button, you may be asked to enter your initials if you have a high score for the day. The high scores are shown on the homepage.